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Alix, Yale & Ristas, LLP
Intellectual Property Law Since 1865



Alix, Yale & Ristas, LLP works with hundreds of clients worldwide and maintains a network of affiliated law firms in over fifty countries. While we primarily advise domestic clients, a significant portion of our practice involves acquisition and maintenance of patent and trademark portfolios for clients outside the United States.

Our clients’ creativity and imagination are, in essence, intangible assets; and only through the careful and subtle application of intellectual property law can valuable and enforceable property rights be maintained.

Throughout the product life cycle, Alix, Yale & Ristas offers the following services to our client, such as a business that develops and markets new or improved products:

  • Evaluating a new concept and furnishing a patentability opinion
  • Securing a patent for an inventive concept
  • Maintaining trade secret rights during product development
  • Furnishing infringement clearance advice relative to competitors’ patents
  • Furnishing trademark infringement clearance advice for a product or service name
  • Securing trademark registration for a product or service name
  • Securing copyright registration for marketing and promotional materials
  • Securing trademark and copyright recordations to prevent infringement and curtail import and export of counterfeits
  • Licensing patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and other rights
  • Enforcing patent, trademark, copyright and other rights against infringers
  • Defending against patent, trademark, copyright and other suits
  • Performing intellectual property audits and due diligence investigations

Our Reach

Global reach with national and international representation.